Hevosen perustiedot, Okkalin Olivia, (1635-06)

Tamma- ja varsanäyttely, Oulu 19.9.2007 – Sukuposti

Hae hevosen nimellä Okkalin Olivia 1635-06: III: 7-7-7-7-5-7: 144.0 cm: 147.0 cm: arv. ratsuna Päätylän Tähti 1100-05: II-7-7-7-8-7-8: 139.0 cm: 141.0 cm: arv. työhevosena: Paitsio 1871-06: III+: 7-7-7-7-8-7: 143.0 cm: 145.0 cm: Paraati 1500-05: II:

Uolevi (Olavi) Aleksanterinpoika Lahtoniemi (Issukka

Genealogy profile for Uolevi (Olavi) Aleksanterinpoika Lahtoniemi. Share your family tree and photos with the people you know and love. Build your family tree online ; Share photos and videos

Ruukin Ukkonen 246001S00161481 – Sukuposti

Hae hevosen nimellä Okkalin Olivia 1635-06 m s. 2006 FIN sh: Vihi-Totti 1479-93R tprn 156 cm s. 1993† FIN-sh: Poika-Totti 1101-79J 27,7aly-30,3ly vprt s. 1978 FIN: Totti 739-74J P 25,0aly-30,0ly vrt s. 1961†

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Ruukki 21.9.2017 Kantakirjatut tammat – …

Naglo – Amanda Duo 06-2535, Dream Vacation, kasv./om. Neljänkengän Talli,Liminka t. Savannah Sky 246001L00161049, prt, sk 158, lk 159, kaviot 7.5, käynti 8.0

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Extended residence permit on the basis of family ties for a child This residence permit application form is for a child who has been granted a fixed-term residence permit on the basis of family ties. The child is still living with his or her family, is under 18 years old and unmarried and wishes to apply for a new fixed-term residence permit on the basis of …

Hula Hoop Games You Would Have Not Thought Of!

In times, when play stations and NVIDIA rule the roost, outdoor games sort of seem obsolete to the younger generation. Despite the high tech entertainment consoles, the fact remains that real time sports are an integral part of growing up. So, to motivate children to breathe some fresh air, take a few ideas from simple hula hoop games.


Ruukki, maaseutuopiston maneesi to 21.9.2017 klo 9

Vodka No Fruit US-6A820 / Kira Donna 06-1931 / David Raymond US-P-4553 Kasv.Tiina Kokkonen, TYRNÄVÄ Om. Tiina Kokkonen, TYRNÄVÄ Knuutilan Veikko 1006-05 / Okkalin Olivia 1635-06 / Vihi-Totti 1479-93 Kasv.Ruukin Maaseutuopisto/Raahen Koulutuskuntayhtymä, Siikajoki Om. Ruukin Maaseutuopisto/Raahen …

The Hidden Importance of Clouds – Issue 25: Water – …

The Hidden Importance of Clouds A climate scientist asks whether nature can save us from ourselves.