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IT Leadership in Transition – The Impact of Digitalization

IT Leadership in Transition – The Impact of Digitalization on Finnish Organizations Title: IT Leadership in Transition – The Impact of Digitalization on Finnish Organizations

Authors: Jari Collin · Kari Hiekkanen · Janne J Korhonen · Marco Halen · Timo It…Affiliation: Aalto University · Helsinki University of Technology

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The Leadership Transition develops leadership capacity and prepares executives for transition into leadership.

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“We had to create what we call ‘shared consciousness’ and that was giving everybody contextual understanding of not only the big picture, but the constantly evolving situation. We were able to connect our entire organization in real time so it …


Agility and adaptability are mandatory these days, as leaders prepare, manage, and sometimes reinvent themselves in order to navigate the twists, turns, and transitions they must make. Otherwise, making the wrong move could eventually scuttle a once-promising leadership career. All things change

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It is clear that we have reached the limits of our system. The system that brought the western world growth and progress in the 20th century is no longer sustainable.

5 Strategies for Successful CIO Leadership Transition

Effective CIO leadership includes Gartner clients can read more in the full research report Five Tactics for CIOs to Ease the Pain of Leadership Transition

Successful Leadership Transition – ATD

Transition of top-level leadership can present numerous challenges to organizations. In the first decade of the 21st century, the challenges are more acute than at …

LEADERSHIP IN TRANSITION | Military Leaders in Transition

Change in leadership can feel quite abrupt and jarring, for both incoming and outgoing leaders. Working up until the last moment, outgoing leaders are often fueled by a sense of responsibility to give 150% until they walk out the door, a natural inclination to hang on to what may have been the best job of their military career, and by the